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Want to restore your lost Tranquility ?

Tranquility is a state of being calm, serene, secure and worry free.

The word tranquillity appears in numerous texts ranging from the religious writings of Buddhism, where the term passaddhi refers to tranquillity of the body, thoughts and consciousness on the path to enlightenment, to an assortment of policy and planning guidance documents, where interpretation of the word is typically linked to engagement with the natural environment.

One may have experienced moments of well-being when you feel centered, grounded, at peace, and at ease. These result from the positive activation of our parasympathetic nervous system when there is no danger.

We are calm and relaxed, able to REST – relax and enter into safety and trust. “God’s in his heaven; all’s right with the (inner) world.”

In today’s Modern Era we can see people running behind money and have lost their state of tranquility .

It is of very much importance that in any state we must not loose this quality as one can get prone to aggression, anxiety, anger, dilemma, frustration leading to depression progressing to suicidal attempts.

Counselling, meditation and flower essence remedy (BFR) is beneficial to attain this state of tranquility in this running world.

BFR is “Bach Flower Remedies” made by the extract of wild flowers which has medicinal properties and responsible to treat the emotional state of mind and attain inner Peace & Tranquility.

Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Tranquility



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