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self control

Do you exercise some Self Control ?

Self – Control is the ability to have control on once emotions such as anger, overwhelming feeling, fear, anxiety and appear calm.

Self-control is often referred to as will power. Self Control is described as a cognitive process that is necessary for regulating one’s behaviour in order to achieve specific goals.

Self-control impacts every area of our lives. Personally, you need to exercise self-control with your diet, television intake, and excessive shopping, just to name a few examples.

Individuals with low self-control tend to be impulsive, insensitive towards others, risk takers, short-sighted, and nonverbal. The general theory of crime holds that self-control is established in early childhood through three major factors: 

  • the strength of the parent-to-child emotional bond.
  • adequate supervision by parents.
  • parent’s ability to recognise punishable behaviour, and appropriate discipline by parents.

Many things affect on one’s ability to exert self-control, but it seems that self – control requires sufficient glucose levels in the brain. Exerting self-control depletes glucose. Reduced glucose, and poor glucose tolerance (reduced ability to transport glucose to the brain) are correlated with lower performance in tests of self – control, particularly in difficult new situations. Self-control demands that an individual work to overcome thoughts, emotions, and automatic responses | impulses. These strong efforts require higher blood glucose levels. Lower blood glucose levels can lead to unsuccessful self-control abilities.

Alcohol causes a decrease of glucose levels in both the brain and the body, and it also has an impairing effect on many forms of self – control. Furthermore, failure of self – control occurs most likely during times of the day when glucose is used least effectively. Self – Control thus appears highly susceptible to glucose.

Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Self Control



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