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Self confidence

Have you lost your Self Confidence ?

Self confidence is one’s personal judgement,ability and power.One’s it increases from experiences of having mastered particular activities.It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do. It is more specifically trust in one’s ability to achieve some specific goal.

It is one of the six important facets of Emotional Intelligence. It is almost always present in people we admire and respect who “have their act together.” We admire individuals who display a positive attitude toward themselves without being arrogant.

Self-confidence is a positive and balanced attitude having to do with the Self dimension. It consists of a basic belief that we can do what is needed to produce the desired outcome. When obstacles occur, a person with a confident attitude continues to work to overcome the barriers, whereas someone lacking in it is not likely to persevere and might not even begin something.

Individual with high confidence within are capable to achieve higher goals and be successful in their life.

It enhances ones personality and are accepted in every society.

Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Self Confidence



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