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Scleranthus (Scleranthus Annuus)

Scleranthus, the knawels, are a genus of herbaceous plants in the carnation family. Scleranthus annuus is a species of flowering plant in the pink family known by the common names German knotweed and annual knawel.
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Genus: Scleranthus
Species: S. annuus
Distribution: Africa,Europe and Asia
It is known throughout the rest of the temperate world as an introduced species and a common weed. It grows in many types of habitat, often in disturbed areas. It is an annual herb with low, spreading stems up to 15 centimetres long growing from a taproot. The leaves are needle-like or linear in shape with sharp, stiff points. They are oppositely arranged in pairs about the stem and are fused together at the bases. Flowers occur in pairs or small clusters of up to five. The flowers lack petals but have bell-shaped calyces of green petal-shaped sepals.
Scleranthus is used as an alternative medicine and is one of the component of Bach Flower Remedy. Scleranthus is the remedy for in-decision and confusion state. These are people with low decision making ability like while driving on a road one is confused to which side to turn whether right/left, should I marry him or not, will pink dress looks good on me or red, shall I give yellow flowers or white !!!! Like the above there are many examples of this state and in this process one looses to grab the right opportunity and becomes a failure.These people thinks a lot before coming to a decision so no one feels to take their advice or guide them vice versa.Such slow thinkers adapts this negative attitude for life if not treated on time,therefore missing the valuable opportunities which are meant to be responded on time there itself.
Post treatment will regain once confidence and will reestablish the connect which was once lost with higher self & respond correctly within a given time frame. The state of dilemma & mental confusion is reduced with high energy to concentrate and make specific decisions.

Natural Bach Flower Essence Scleranthus



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