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Rock Water (Aqua Petra)

Rock Water although is one of the 38 component of Bach Flower Remedy is not a Flower but simply running water through sedimentary rocks.These are formed away from civilisation and is also called Mineral Water. This water is not exposed to environmental conditions caused by man, but only to the sun, the wind, and the pollens from natural trees and grasses.
Rock Water Remedy is useful in people who have high standards and need perfection in everything. Such people have low interest in others talk and deeds.They like to be in their own company away from this world of Joy and happiness. These people are people of ideals and have very strong thoughts regarding every situation whether it be religious, politics, global warming, crisis etc. They are strict and disciplined by themselves and have deep thoughts on not wasting their time on recreational activities, so they are quite boring and less talkative. Other people never enjoy company of such people as they speak about their work work and work. There is no space for Fun and Joy.
This remedy makes to meet & understand the higher self within them. They will soon realise that this life comes once and one should get inculcate in every and each activity with Joy and calmness. Fun filled people are highly accepted in the society. Will start the acceptance of others view point and respecting everyone.

Natural Bach Flower Essence Rock Water



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