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Do you take up Responsibilities seriously ?

Responsibility is an ability of person or thing for which someone is responsible. For instance, a child is his parent’s responsibility, or keeping track of a company’s finances is a bookkeeper’s responsibility.
Someone’s level of meeting his responsibilities shows how trustworthy he is, particularly if he consistently meets his responsibilities.
Social Responsibility:– It is the Responsibility of an individual towards The Society. Every and each individual has some responsibility or duties to be fulfilled such as do not litter, maintenance of society (garden, parking, swings, recreational activity area). Undertaking an action or decision that is harmful to society or the environment in any way, would be considered socially irresponsible.
Corporate Responsibility:- Examples of responsibility include a business giving away a portion of the company’s profits to charity, or taking on “greener” initiatives in an effort to benefit the environment. Businesses find that having a strong sense of corporate responsibility actually attracts more business. Customers are drawn to companies that are passionate on similar issues. If a customer cares about the environment, and a company has just announced its intentions of pursuing “greener” methods of doing business, then that customer will probably be drawn to doing business with that company.
Personal Responsibility :- Personal responsibility can also be described as a person’s “response-ability,” meaning their capability of responding to or meeting and fulfilling, the challenges that are presented to him. Someone who is said to have a high level of personal responsibility is also considered to be a person of good character, with high moral and ethical standards.Those who have a strong sense of personal responsibility do not blame others for things that go wrong, depend on others to do the things that they should be doing, or attempt to justify the things they’ve done wrong with an excuse.
Responsible people own up to their mistakes, and accept full responsibility for their obligations.

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