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FlowerCure BFR Mix 57 First Aid Remedy For Cats


FlowerCure BFR Mix 57

When should the First Aid remedy for cats be used?

The Bach First Aid remedy for cats should be used in moments when, for example, heavy stress or anxiety take the upper hand. In these situations, the Bach First Aid remedy is most efficient. *

The Rescue remedy for cats or First Aid remedy for cats can be used in the following situations: *

  • Your cat is panicked by a sudden noise (the noise of a doorbell …)
  • Your cat is anxious because someone is visiting, or there are people around it doesn’t know
  • Your cat is stressed because suddenly there’s a new cat in the neighbourhood
  • Your cat recently suffered a trauma:
    • Your cat was hit by a car
    • Your cat became lost
    • Your cat was abandoned
    • Your cat stayed in a shelter
    • A befriended cat has died
    • Your cat fought with another cat
  • Your cat suddenly fell ill; she doesn’t eat anymore, her behaviour changes …
  • Your cat experienced major events such as moving, change of decoration, new furniture, new housemate …

How to use the First aid remedy for cats?

As mentioned above, the First Aid remedy for cats should be used in situations where stress or anxiety take the upper hand. When this is the case, you should give them 4 drops directly on the tongue, or on a treat, or rub it directly on the nose. You repeat this, every 5 to 10 minutes until all signs of anxiety or stress have gone. There is no hazard of overdosing.
If you notice your cat is becoming ill, then you can give it 6 x 4 drops a day until the animal is completely cured. This helps you cure your kitty faster. *

How long do you have to administer the First Aid remedy for cats?

After intense events that cause stress or anxiety, or with illness, the First Aid remedy should be administered. If you’re able to know when these events take place (for example, you know someone will visit), then you can give the First Aid remedy to your cat just before the visit. If you don’t expect a visit, then it is recommended you give the drops directly afterwards. Do this for a couple of days. *

If your cat is suffering from stress or anxiety for longer than a week, or your cat remains ill even after a week has passed, then the problem is more deeply rooted. Here, a personal Bach flowers mix could help. This mix answers to the specific needs of your cat as an individual and treats the deeper cause of the anxiety or illness so your cat feels better again.  *

What is the difference between the First Aid remedy for cats and the Bach Rescue remedy for cats from the shop?

  • The Bach First Aid remedy that you can find here, has 2 extra Bach flowers, White Chestnut to protect against being unsettled, and Larch for greater confidence.
  • In the First Aid remedy for cats there is much less alcohol than the Bach Rescue remedy for cats from the shop, so you can administer it without any dangers.
  • The content is 50ml instead of 20 ml.
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This first aid remedy for cats helps them:

  • With intense panic *
  • Sudden anxiety *
  • Sudden stress *
  • After a traumatic experience *
  • When suffering from a sudden illness *
  • After a major event *

Rescue remedy or First aid remedy for cats

This composition is, just like with the equivalent First Aid remedy for people, based on the original Bach Rescue remedy, but adding White Chestnut and Larch. The First Aid remedy for cats also consists of much less alcohol, rendering it harmless when administered to cats and kittens.*

Bach Flowers Remedies affects the emotion & rectifies emotional disharmony, imbalance in animals which  gives a feeling of physical well-being.

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