Alfa Omega BFR Beech

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Alfa Omega BFR Beech

People who need to establish a more loving, lenient and flexible relationship with themselves and with those around them. Criticism, judgement and intolerance are very common personality traits in today’s world. Being easily irritated by others habits, having a very fixed outlook on life or so sensitive to criticism from others that it is difficult to benefit from life’s lessons.

Beech helps person return to a state of joy, patience, cheerfulness & tolerance for those around.

Take 2 – 3 drops in mouth or in water or, as directed by the physician.
Alfa Omega Healthcare provides Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Healing & Holistic Way Towards Stress Free Healthy Living! 

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This remedy helps with:

  • Intolerance towards others.
  • Critical natured characters.
  • Lack of sympathy and humility.
  • People annoyed with bad habits, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and vulnerable gestures of others.
  • Brilliant taskmaster but always complains about others.
  • Isolated and self centred.

Bach Flowers Remedies affects the emotion & rectifies emotional disharmony, imbalance in a person which  gives a feeling of physical well-being.

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