Alfa Omega BFR Aspen

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Alfa Omega BFR Aspen

People who experience apprehension for which there appears to be no logical reason, psychological fears of unknown origin, fear of sleep etc. This can take the form of vague but potent apprehension of some unknown future event or an uneasy ‘spooked out’ feeling in the dark or in strange places. Shaking, trembling, or vague fluttering feelings in the tummy together with coldness, paleness & nightmares are all indications of the need for Aspen. Aspen will help the person explore those higher spheres without any fear.

Take 2 – 3 drops in mouth or in water or, as directed by the physician.
Alfa Omega Healthcare provides Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Healing & Holistic Way Towards Stress Free Healthy Living! 

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This remedy helps with:

  • Vague fears of unknown origin.
  • Fear during day and / or night for unknown reasons.
  • Terror of waking up from a bad dream, although forgotten.
  • Fear of darkness.
  • Disastrous and negative thoughts.
  • Fear when alone, or suddenly when among friends, inexplicable.
  • Fear of fear.
  • Afraid to tell your trouble to others.
  • Fear of death.

Bach Flowers Remedies affects the emotion & rectifies emotional disharmony, imbalance in a person which  gives a feeling of physical well-being.

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