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Mimulus is a plant genus in the family Phrymaceae, which was traditionally placed in family Scrophulariaceae (figwort family).
In the past, about 150 species were placed in this genus, most of which have since been assigned to other genera, the majority to genus Erythranthe.
Mimulus species prefer wet or moist areas and are not drought resistant.Several are cultivated as ornamental garden plants.
Kingdom : Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Order: Lamiales
Family: Phrymaceae
Genus: Mimulus
Distribution: Western North America,Oregon to northern Mexico,Australia,Africa
Height & spread: 30cm-1.2m/12in-4ft
Leaf shape: Ovate to oblong elliptic
Pollinated: Humming bird and bee
This spreading perennial plant, generally inhabits shady, wet places from streamside to seepages and spread by rhizomes, often forming good size colonies.Its brilliant scarlet to orange red (sometimes yellowish)flowers are short lived but appear prolifically from spring to autumn.
Leaves & Flowers: Also called as yellow monkey flower.Flowers has hairy stems and lime green, oval to oblong-elliptic, toothed leaves 75mm – 10cm long with longitudinal veins. The brilliant scarlet, tubular, lipped flowers are 50mm long, the upper lip is arched and ascending, the lower lip is flared and curved back.The narrow throat is tinged yellow; the stamens are hairy and protruding. The fruit is a capsule that opens to shed the seeds.
Medicinal Usage:
  • Leaves can be used as a substitute for lettuce.
  • Leaves are eaten dry or cooked.
  • Mimulus is one of the Bach Flower Remedy used for known Fear.Fear of darkness, illness, accident, misfortune, un – successful outcomes ,water, misleading, retiles, closed spaces, of being alone, crowd, people, strangers etc
Such people bear the dread inside them and hide it from everyone. They show there self as normal as others by behaving normally in public but somewhere inside they are very nervous and anxious from those fear.
Mimulus Remedy brings out the strength and courage inside them and makes one confident as well independent to overcome their fear on their own. Mimulus changes their personality from a coward to a challenger and thus improving the physical & mental attitude .

Natural Bach Flower Essence Mimulus



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