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Does your Loyalty pay any Royalty ?

Loyalty is a devotion for someone or something. Someone who is loyal can be trusted, because they never betray the people they are loyal to.
In general, Loyalty is a devotion and faithfulness to a nation, cause, philosophy, country, group, or person.
It may certainly be between two persons, but it may also be from a person to a group of people. Examples of this, which are unequivocally considered to be instances of loyalty, are loyalty by a person to his or her family, to a team that he or she is a member or fan of or to his or her country.
Loyalties differ in strength. They can range from supreme loyalties, that override all other considerations, to merely presumptive loyalties, that affect one’s presumptions, providing but one motivation for action that is weighed against other motivations.
Nathanson observes that strength of loyalty is often interrelated with basis. “Blood is thicker than water“, states an aphorism, explaining that loyalties that have biological ties as their bases are generally stronger.
Loyalty is more seen in animals than human beings.
Animals as pets have a large sense of loyalty to humans. Everyone will agree to this statement that “Dogs” are most loyal animal than any creature on this earth. Dogs are loyal to their Masters and will be very faithful till the time they die.
In human beings, Loyalty is a demand in any relationship may it be between family members, husband wife, boss with their employees, with Nation etc.
Six Qualities of a Loyal Relationship:
  1. Loyal Relationship is trustworthy.
  2. Loyal Relationship is always supportive.
  3. Loyal Relationship is sincere.
  4. Loyal Relationship always Grow.
  5. Loyal Relationship is respectful.
  6. Loyal Relationship has integrity.

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