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Want to learn how to cope up with Loss & Change ?

Loss is the feeling of grief after losing someone or something of value.
This is often the most painful of emotions and involves acknowledging the significance of the loss. Many people will feel depressed and will withdraw from activities they previously enjoyed. They may feel a sense of emptiness and lack of purpose. They may notice constant reminders of their loss such as an empty chair, a photograph, song, letter, memories etc. It is important to keep in contact with friends and relatives you can lean on and confide in.
There can be many reasons for a Loss such as :- serious illness of your family member leading to death, separation leading to loss of a relationship, less finances result in loss of a property etc.
Subtle or less obvious losses can also cause strong grief as feeling of Loss is very personal and it’s only you who can feel the extent and depth of your Loss.
Loss of ones can be of any type and in any condition like :-
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a friend
  • Financial Loss
  • Loss of your pet (dog, cat)
  • Physical Loss (handicapped)
  • Loss of property
  • Loss in examination
What is the normal reaction to ones Loss?
Anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, going crazy, being irritable or angry, fearfulness, emptiness.
Some people find it useful to seek the help of a professional counsellor or a support group or natural remedies made by flowers (Bach Flower Remedy) to help them through this difficult time.

Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Loss



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