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Larches are conifers in the genus Larix, of the family Pinaceae (subfamily Laricoideae). They are native to much of the cooler temperate northern hemisphere, on lowlands in the north and high on mountains further south. Although they are conifers, larches are deciduous trees that lose their needles in the autumn.
Class : Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Pinaceae
Genus: larix
Height & spread:20-45 m (66-148 ft) tall
Larch shoots are dimorphic, with leaves borne singly on long shoots typically 10–50 centimetres long and bearing several buds, and in dense clusters of 20–50 needles on short shoots only 1–2 mm long with only a single bud. Larches are among the few deciduous conifers, which are usually evergreen.
Leaves & Flowers: The leaves (light green) are needle-like, 2–5 centimetres long, slender (under 1 cm wide). The male flowers (small cones) are orange-yellowish and fall after pollination. The female flowers (or cones) of larches are erect, small, 1–9 cm long, green or purple, brown in ripening and lignify (called now strobilus) 5–8 months after pollination.
Medicinal Usage
  • Larch is used as a food plant by the larvae.
  • Larch wood is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Top quality knot-free timber is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats.
  • In Central Europe larch is viewed as one of the best wood materials for the building of residences
  • Larch is one of the component of Bach Flower Remedy used in treatment of people with low self confidence. Such people underestimate their talent and always think the competitor is all time superior to them.These people can be children who grows up with a belief and a certainty of failure. These person does not doubt his abilities but knows that “he is a looser/failure.” These people limits themselves in every phase of life and never attempt or face any difficulty. Its very important for such individual to get out of their mind blocking limitation and accomplish their goal which on trying can perform very well than others.
  • With the help of Larch remedy ones gain self confidence and are able to assess as well perform things from positive point of view. After treatment these people are able to connect themselves with their higher selves.
  • Larch Bach Flower is very useful when extra dose of self confidence is required such as before appearing for examination, any performance or competition to be shown publicly, in children who always need their parents while going somewhere or one who always tell their sibling to go first.
  • Larch is used in the treatment of alcoholics who drink to “forget their failures” and in problems with sexual potency which stem from the belief in and expectation of the re-occurrence of the problem.

Natural Bach Flower Essence Larch



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