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Want to turn your sorrows into Joy ?

Joy means the feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Oh, joy! That happy, buoyant emotion is a great feeling, whether it’s brought on by a big life event (like a wedding or birth) or something as simple as finding the perfect fruit at the farmer’s market.

On an emotional level, we may feel it in a variety of ways — tearfully, euphoric, with a deep sense of contentment, and more.

The causes of it have been ascribed to various sources. “When the mind is pure, it follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Gautama Buddha.

“Joy is the emotional dimension of the good life, of a life that is both going well and is being lived well.” Miroslav Volf.

There are many health benefits from Joy which are deeply unexplored.

Benefits of feeling more joy helps to:

  • promote a healthier lifestyle
  • boost immune system
  • fight stress and pain
  • support longevity

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