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Do you feel Isolated in life ?

Emotional isolation is a state of isolation where one may have a well functioning social network but still feels emotionally separated from others.

Population based research indicates that one in five middle-aged and elderly men (50 – 80 years) in India are emotionally isolated (defined as having no one in whom to confide). These people are more likely to feel depressed, sad, tired and worn out.

Many people suffering from this kind of isolation have strong social networks, but lack a significant bond with their friends. While they can build superficial friendships, they are often not able to confide in many people. People who are isolated emotionally usually feel lonely and unable to relate to others. Social Withdrawal is avoiding people and activities one would usually enjoy. 

For some people, this can progress to a point of social isolation, where people may even want to avoid contact with family and close friends most of the time. They may want to be alone because they feel it is tiring or upsetting to be with other people. Sometimes a cycle can develop where the more time they spend alone, the less they feel like people understand them.

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