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EQ vs IQ | Heal with BFR | Order Now

EQ vs IQ : BFR helps strike a balance between your mind & soul

The emotions of a human beings can be love, hatred, anger and happiness.The manager has to control these emotions to a certain extent so that they can handle any situation with calmness. The ability to manage emotions is measured through our emotional quotient.

Emotional intelligence has been defined as “the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior” by Peter Salovey and John Mayer.

This definition was later broken down and refined into four proposed abilities: perceiving, using, understanding, and managing emotions. These abilities are distinct yet related. Emotional intelligence also reflects abilities to join intelligence, empathy and emotions to enhance thought and understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

Our Emotional Quotient (EQ) consists of 5 important dimensions:-

  1. Understanding One’s Emotion
  2. Having Control on One’s Emotion
  3. Understanding Emotions in others (Empathy)
  4. Controlling others Emotions
  5. Improving others Emotional level

 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence:-

  1. Understanding and enhancing emotional intelligence enhances management skills.
  2. It can provide team effectiveness.
  3. It assists managers to have flexible planning.
  4. Emotional intelligence assists managers in motivating others.
  5. Better decision-making comes from a balance between head and heart.
  6. It can help a person achieve a whole range of career development factors such as leadership, decision-making, open communication, trusting relationship and customer loyalty.

What does your EQ vs IQ stands for? 





Helps you succeed at JobHelps you get in the door


Measures the ability to use your emotions and logical skillsMeasures of ability to learn and understand


Trying to convince someone by reasoningTrying to convince someone by facts


Understanding and managing Emotions and using them for good ReasonBeing at the mercy of emotions because you don’t understand them


Heart SmartBook Smart


Gets you through lifeGets you through School

To be successful in life, you need a combination of both EQ and IQ. Intelligence has different parameters, such as challenges, initiative, and effective teamwork ability to comprehending others people’s attitude, decision skills by reading comprehension, logical reasoning etc.

Your IQ is what determines your competencies and individual capacities, but your EQ determines how you interact with other people. It shows how you are going to deal with pressures. The difference between these two is that no one can change his/her IQ or reasoning abilities, but anyone can learn to handle emotions, to increase his chances of getting success.

Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) can help an individual manage and balance its Emotional Quotient. These Remedies help us to help ourselves. There are various emotions deep seated inside us, it can be fear, anxiety, stress, anger, love, jealousy so they are like a part of us. These different emotions transform an individual from a negative to a positive one. Bach Flower Remedies teaches us how to be happy and eliminate the negativity in & around us. These Remedies are herbal, natural with zero side effects. The remedies will help us to feel more optimistic and thus give us hope & lift our spirits. The remedies are there to help and guide us, but true progress- our real healing- comes from within.


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