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Gorse (Ulex Europaeus)

Ulex (commonly known as gorse, furze or whin) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae. The genus comprises about 20 species of thorny evergreen shrubs.

Kingdom : Plantae

Clade: Angiosperm

Family: Fabaceae

Tribe : Genisteae

Genus: Ulex

Distribution: Western Europe and Northwest Africa

Height and Spread: Largest species, reaching 2 – 3 metres (7–10 ft) in height; this compares with typically 20–40 centimetres (7.9–15.7 in) for western gorse (Ulex gallii).

It is closely related to the brooms, and like them, has green stems and very small leaves and is adapted to dry growing conditions. 

Leaves The leaves of young plants are trifoliate, but in mature plants they are reduced to scales or small spines. All the species have yellow flowers, generally showy, some with a very long flowering season.

Gorse Flower Common gorse flowers a little in late autumn and through the winter, coming into flower most strongly in spring. Western gorse and dwarf furze flower in late summer (August–September in Ireland and Great Britain). Between the different species, some gorse is almost always in flower, hence the old country phrase: “When it is out of blossom, kissing’s out of fashion”. It’s flowers have a distinctive coconut scent, experienced very strongly by some individuals, but weakly by others.

Medicinal Usage

  • It is a valuable plant for wildlife, providing dense thorny cover ideal for protecting bird nests.
  • The dry wood of dead gorse stems provides food for the caterpillars.
  • It’s flowers are edible and can be used in salads, tea and to make a non-grape-based fruit wine.
  • It is high in protein, used as fodder.
  • It bushes are highly flammable, and in many areas bundles of gorse were used to fire traditional bread ovens.
  • It has been listed as one of the 38 plants that are used to prepare Bach flower remedies, a kind of alternative medicine.
  • It is a remedy for people with following characteristics: These people have given up hope and faith from their lives. We can see lots of physical changes such as pallor skin, dark circles under eyes, emotionless robotic face. Such people are disinterested in performing any activity in daily living.If they are not able to do some work than they will think that work will never get done or if ill than they are incurable.
  • Gorse BFR is helpful by changing the negative attitude to the positive one. It allow speedy recovery & gives mental peace. After treatment they will start understanding that All is Well and everything good will happen at the end. They will start seeing a ray of Hope in their lives and will start believing in themselves.

Natural Bach Flower Essence Gorse



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