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What's your Phobia ?

Fear is the emotional response to an immediate threat causing a change in brain & organ function, as well as in behaviour. Fear can lead us to hide, to run away, or to freeze in our shoes.

There is a fight – flight reactions to such fear that is either fight against your fear or fly like you can’t see your threat. 

We can also develop a similar reaction to anticipated threats or even our thoughts about potential dangers, and this is what we generally think of as anxiety. 

Social anxiety, for example, involves an anticipated fear of social situations.

Some people, on the other hand actually seek out fear – provoking situations. Extreme sports and other thrills can be fear-inducing, but some people seem to thrive and even enjoy such feelings.

Fear can also be explained as vital response to physical and emotional danger; it has strong roots in human evolution. If people didn’t feel fear, they couldn’t protect themselves from legitimate threats, which in the ancestral world frequently resulted in life or death consequences.

There are many phobias (fear) such as :-

  • Social PhobiaThis is most common form of fear and can be seen in 1 out of 20  individual. Fear of being judged that they avoid specific situations, like eating in front of others. 
  • Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)
  • Acrophobia (fear of height)
  • Pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces)
  • Entomophobia (fear of insects)
  • Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
  • Cynophobia (fear of dogs)
  • Astraphobia (fear of storms)
  • Trypanophobia (fear of needles).


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