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Do you feel Fatigued whole day ?

Emotional Fatigue | Exhaustion is a chronic state of physical and emotional depletion that results from excessive job and/or personal demands and continuous stress. It describes a feeling of being emotionally overextended and exhausted by one’s work.

It is manifested by both physical fatigue and a sense of feeling emotionally “drained”. There are huge variety of factors for Fatigue which includes emotional state, mental fatigue, recovery from previous exercise, motivation, self belief, prior knowledge of the duration of exercise, cerebral and arterial oxygenation, muscle glycogen storage, fluid loss, thirst, heat, and more.

The level of emotional exhaustion which is experienced by an employee is influenced by a variety of determinants, such as: personal resources, coping strategies, emotional culture, and supervisory regulation of display rules.

We can overcome emotional fatigue by eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep and surely with some flower remedies i.e. Bach Flower Remedies (BFR).


Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Exhaustion


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