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Exam Stress

Exams are a real stress in students and parents past many years. Exam stress can start when you feel you can’t cope with revision, or feel pressure from your school or family. You might worry you’re going to fail or you won’t get good grades you need for the course or job you want. Board Exams seems to be like a Monster to students who are appearing for it and now a days the level of competition is so high which is again a big stress for an average student.

It can seem scary to talk about stress or anxiety. You might feel like nobody else is feeling this way. But bottling up stress and trying to deal with it on your own can often make the stress worse. These negative feeling of stress, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, insecurity, despair, nervousness, confusion, forgetfulness, depression is very common and needs to be controlled at right time to get escaped from something frightful like suicide.


When we feel anxious, we often give ourselves negative messages like: ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m useless’ and ‘I’m going to fail’.

It can be difficult but try to replace these with positive thoughts such as: ‘this is just anxiety, it can’t harm me’ and, ‘relax, concentrate – it’s going to be okay’,’I can do it’ !!!

Picturing how you’d like things to go can help you feel more positive. Try to imagine yourself turning up to an exam feeling confident and relaxed. You turn over your paper, write down what you do know and come away knowing you tried your best on the day. It can sometimes feel like your whole future depends on what grades you get. But it’s not true. There can be a lot of pressure on young people from school and parents to do well in exams which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. You might have been predicted certain grades or put into a higher set, and feel if you don’t get the grade you’ll let your teachers or parents down.

Remember, exams are important – but they’re not the only way to a successful future. Lots of people achieve success in life without doing well in school exams.

Stress and anxiety can be enormous around this time. Apparent crisis can affect us and influence our lives if we are not prepared. It feels momentous, do or die, so much riding on the results. And yet, exams are a man-made short cut to assess someone’s intelligence and capabilities and they are obviously quite blunt and limited tools and they do not work for everyone.Remember the great Inventors and Billionaires were once Drop Outs from their Institutions.

Listing you few live examples

  • *Sir Thomas Edison invented light bulb and phonogram was expelled from School because teachers thought he is very slow to learn.
  • *Wright Brothers who never graduated High School invented aeroplane.They believe “there is little hope of advance if we believe that reality is fixed and only Truth is True”.
  • *Bill Gates is a drop out billionaire who invented Microsoft.
  • *Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout and founder of Facebook

So above are few examples to make you understand that Learning and knowledge is beyond books.


Talking about how you’re feeling can reduce the pressure and help you to feel more in control. Positive Thinking is the key to success. Positive attitude towards life will release positive hormones and therefore boost Confidence, Concentration, Better Learning and Best Appearing.

There are Flower Remedies which work on our Emotions. These remedies are extracted from Wild Flowers which consist of medicinal properties in them and are guaranteed in reducing Negative thoughts and feelings. Mixed emotions like anxious about question paper, forgetting what already read, stressed about the outcome of given exams.

All your worries pertaining to stress and anxiety during exams can be reduced with natural Bach Flower Remedies available at Try our mixes today and live a stress free life!

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