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Day dreamer

Are you a Day Dreamer ?

Day Dreamers are those individual who are physically present in a gathering but mentally absent or present somewhere else. These people gets mentally detached from their immediate surrounding for a short period of time and enter some other world which they desire to achieve. Also called visionary fantasy or Lost.

Whereas Daydreaming is a short – term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. There can be many types of daydreams which an individual fantasise sometime and somewhere.

These dreams are related to what he/she visualise in day to day life either with itself or with their friends, family member, colleagues and gets a strong desire to get it for himself.

Daydreaming can also be described as some wishes which didn’t get fulfilled in real life of an individual are thought and praised in fantasy world in order to attain it!!! Like nighttime dreams, daydreams, also, are an example of wish-fulfilment (based on infantile experiences), and are allowed to surface because of relaxed censorship.

The state of daydreaming is a kind of liminal state between waking (with the ability to think rationally and logically) and sleeping. They stand in much the same relation to the childhood memories from which they are derived.

In 1950’s some educational psychologist warned parents not to let their children daydream, for fear that the children may be sucked into “neurosis and even psychosis”.

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