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Do you lack Clarity ?

Is Clarity an emotion ?

Emotional Clarity refers to the ability to understand, label, and identify one’s specific emotions  (i.e one’s understanding of one’s own emotion) and may be crucial not only in the regulation and expression of emotions, but also in emotion-related judgments.It is the extent to which you know, understand and are clear about which emotions you are feeling and why you are feeling them. If you have poor emotional clarity, you may have a difficult time understanding the origins of your emotions.

Low Emotional Clarity is associated with depression, rumination, and negative affect. Individuals low in Emotional Clarity would be more attuned to the emotion-relevant aspects of others and less attuned to emotion-relevant aspects of the self due to uncertainty in this domain. Furthermore, low Clarity was also expected to be associated with a greater accessibility of negatively valanced emotional information.

Sometime people feel with mixed emotions in that they laugh, weep, get happy and sad at same time. 

For example: A Child going abroad for her advanced studies, a mother will be happy and overwhelmed at similar time & is difficult for her to express a single emotion at that time. They are not able to discriminate between their own emotions.

In cases with disorders, BFR (Bach Flower Remedies) is best suitable to express right emotion at the given time by making one alert, conscious & attentive about their expressions in public & personal surroundings.

Natural Bach Flower Remedies For Clarity



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