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Centaurium Umbellatum

Centaury | Centaurium Erythraea is a species of flowering plant in the gentian family known by common names such as Common Centaury & European Centaury.

Synonyms : Gentiana Centaurium L., Erythraea Centaurium, Centaurium Minus, Centaurium Umbellatum.

  • Kingdom : Plantae
  • Order : Gentianales 
  • Family : Gentianaceae
  • Genus : Centaurium
  • Species : C. Erythraea

Centaurium Erythraea or Feverwort is a small, erect annual or biennial herb that is indigenous to Europe, Western Asia & North Africa. It has also become naturalised in North America. The stem grows upto 30 cm – 12 in high & is topped with numerous banks, waysides and pastures. It mainly flowers from June until September.


  • Antioxidant ingredients of the flower are mainly phenolic acids, including ferric & synaptic acids. The plant also contains some amount of sterile as brassicasterol & stigma sterol.
  • European Centaury is used as a medicinal herb in many parts of Europe. The herb, mainly prepared as tea is thought to possess medical properties beneficial for patients with gastric and liver diseases.
  • These medicinal herbs are also used as BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Centaury is for those people who unable to say “NO” to any requests. Such people are often tired, over worked, slightly resentful that others take advantage over their good nature however their desire for recognition  and validation prevents them from developing their own individuality.
  • Those people are simply too fearful of rejection and allows their own distinctive personality to develop & stand up for their own wants and needs.
  • In such humans, this remedy helps to restore contact with the power of one’s own will and realising that rushing to assist is not always helpful to others, as they hinder the learning process of both the parties. This remedy helps the person to “return to living”.


Natural Bach Flower Essence Centaury


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