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Bach Flowers in Menopause | Try Our Mood Relievers

Changes in YOU – The Hormone Hijack. The Emotion Gamble Coping Tools – To Download

This Blog is a must for women who have reached their 35 ‘s and onwards and a great life lesson for those below 35. Like puberty, adolescence and Adult life, Menopause and life around needs some coping mechanisms. This blog outlines the requirement, tools & natural flower remedies that can be used during mood swings.

Meghna, 50 an influential entrepreneur in Pune found her Perimenopause and Menopause pass as a breeze, she states Her emotional well being since she was 30 and good diet helped her maintain a positive mindset about the whole duration of Menopause. A woman is a Goddess of nurturing, protection and giving. It is therefore important that her cup is full and refilled now and then, I think Meghna (name changed) did that she filled her cup now and then with Supplements, Yoga, Mindfulness and Ensuring that she is not letting Emotions happen to her but is doing them herself being in control.

Anita 45, A housekeeping professional instead is going through a hard time, she complains of irritability, Hot Flushes in the night and mood swings. She said she feels low and not supported on how her health can be better. She belongs to the Middle class which encompasses a huge chunk of Indian population, The average Menopause age for this class is 42 years and about 11% of this population has shown signs of early Menopause, as early as 35 years !!! A little dwell down and you can feel the reasons from Stress at work to conflicts in family and in general the anxiety of being secure in future. Specially with stay at home mums and women. I did a little more drilling and gave my sample an Anxiety and depression Battery Test. Most of the women in my sample showed signs of fatigue, lack of purpose, monotony and easy swaying my worry and other negative thoughts.

Do Hormones really Hijack ?

We are all Energies and Hormones are what usually is driving the major part of us, Let’s talk about it. This Blog also gives you a tool to assess how you feel during each phase of Perimenopause and Menopause.

The STORY of Hormones starts from the two main characters Estrogens and Progesterone. The Ovaries are the source of these two hormones which almost regulate all the reproductive functions of the female body, With age the number of Ovarian follicles decline, As the ovarian has number of ovarian follicles declines and the ovaries become less responsive to the two other hormones involved in reproduction—Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle – Stimulating Hormone (FSH). As your ovaries age and release fewer hormones, FSH and LH can no longer perform their usual functions to regulates your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This inevitable change causes a change in the hormones of your body and impacts several organ functions such as Brain, heart and skin etc. Estrogen depletion can bring on a combination of hormonal and biochemical fluctuations that can lead to changes in your brain and nervous system. You may experience mood swings, memory loss, problems focusing, irritability, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, stress, anxiety and depression. Physical symptoms, such as hot flashes, mixed with cognitive changes, such as
irritability and memory loss, can create more opportunities for emotional changes and mood swings.

In a research, it has been found that women during Perimenopause and Menopause evaluate and seek affirmation on their role in the society, community and even in the family. This is also the time of
the age when many face separations from kids, loss of spouse, health problems and career dissatisfaction. The inefficiencies of the cognitive processes and the hormonal imbalances present a perfect potpourri for the Emotional mess as the research states.

The Hormone Therapy which is still used sparsely is now considered harmful for health. The Emotional Gamble needs to be settled with more stakes on. The Depression and mood swings during Menopause are under a lot of attention from Therapists as 12% of women seek help during Menopause to come back to terms with life.

What can be way before the cards are displayed. Eating Vegetables, Making time for health in all spheres of body and mind. I am also presenting to you the very Natural way of healing yourself while this sensitive and important stage goes on. Just imagine the day has been tiring and you come home to a still pending job of being a mom, daughter or just you. It might sound like a tall order However here is a beautiful Mix of flowers from a reliable source Dr. BFR (, a one stop shop for your emotions. This is a distinct Homeopathy practice often called Essences. You could find how each flower used by Bach Remedies have a therapeutic effect on our Emotional wellbeing.


Written By Sameera Sachdev – Mental Health Professional @ wellness land, Cebu Philippines

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