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Bach Flower Remedy for Patience

Impatient Mom = Violent Child

Patience is the Key to Success!

Patience is what many of us are lacking these days. Patience defines your personality, makes you a good & better human being. Humans have tendency to loose patience anytime and anywhere. Be it honking in a traffic jam, waiting for someone out in the streets, listening to your talkative friend | family member for hours if not really interested. Now if we relate this Impatient attitude with our Mums, it can be a disastrous combination. As mothers are meant to love, to endure, to care, to protect their kids from the negative world outside and be more CALM & PATIENT.

All Mums although love their kids but are really bad when they loose their patience. Reason of impatience in Mums can be any from mischievousness of her kids and not abiding to Mum rules to any mishap outside. Impatience in Mothers attitude leads to impatient Child and ultimately leads to a Negative Mental Growth.This child right from his infancy-puberty-teenager-man-father-senior citizen will have to face a lot just because of his upbringing by that attitude.

BACH FLOWER REMEDY IMPATIENS independently would work alone rather than alter his or her individual timing for most everything – from decisions, projects, washing-up, chess moves, conversations. Impatient people have a real difficulty living in the moment. The mind always rushing ahead, making lists in our heads – longer and longer… Restraining their desire to get on, to understand, to be done, to reach the goal is hard for us.


BFR Impatiens is one of the central Twelve Healer Remedies, so not a surprise that this energy links with a very individual rhythm. Taking a some good deep breaths, out and in, consciously dropping those shoulders, relaxing the forehead, eating your meal or snack sitting down, setting out to do things on time – not too many, just what you can handle well, so you get the satisfaction of that. Being graceful in your life. Bringing back balanced Impatiens energy.

Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy is very effective in resolving the stressful challenges thrown by life and facing it One on One. A Smart and Intelligent mother will keep this Bach Flower Essence on hand for those times when the children’s squabbles or temper tantrums have destroyed her patience. Interestingly, this treatment will aid the children directly, and will help the mother regain her lost patience.

A child who shows strong Impatiens traits should be gently guided into a profession where he or she can be independent and self-reliant. If any of what I mention resonates with issues in your life, and occasion arises when you cannot balance yourself the Impatiens Flower Essence is available to assist you back to your beautiful balanced self.


Mix 08 – 10 drops for children and pets, adults can take 10 – 15 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day (preferably Morning, Afternoon and Night before sleeping).

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