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Bach Flower Remedies for all | Order Now


Good Health is Harmony, Rhythm, when we think positively, constructively, happily. Ill-Health when we think negatively, unhappily, destructively. Such is the power of thought, the power Man has over his body which is, after all, only the vehicle, the car he uses on his journey through life on earth.

As many of you may not know anything about the Bach Flower Remedies, we would like first of all to brief you about Dr. Bach himself, who is the mind behind these remedies.

Dr. Edward Bach

Way Back in 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach, a UK Physician, a Homeopath, a Pathologist, a Psychologist and a firm believer in Nature discovered these 38 Flower Remedies + Rescue Remedy. He was rather an unusual medical student, for he soon became more interested in the patients themselves than their diseases. He being a sensitive emotional character went through various types of emotions and explored them further to create these unique flower remedies. Dr. Bach used to sit bedside of the patient and listen to what all the patient tell him rather than just focusing on the diagnosis.

For Instance; there was a woman suffering from asthma, she was very frightened for her only Son, who has taken job in the north of England over 3 months ago and she had no word with him in all that time. She was terrified that he had met an accident, was badly injured, even that he had died. But one day he came to see her and told her he had found a job nearer home. Within few days she lost her Asthma completely. She no longer needed to hold her breath for her only Son. With this instance and many more Dr. Bach began to feel that treating the physical symptoms was not enough. The Body was a mirror reflecting the thoughts in the mind. It was the sufferer himself, who needed treatment and help to overcome his worries, fears, depression, anxieties, hopelessness. He felt that completely new method of treatment was needed, a practical one.

Discovery of Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach said that the physical disease was not of physical origin, but that it was , as he said, ‘the consolidation of mental attitude’. Dr. Bach already knew the principal of the new method of treatment: ‘Treat the patient and not the disease’, for when the negative thoughts had been overcome, the body would also respond. He devoted his life and time in search for the pure remedies which would help the sufferer rise above his unhappy thoughts. These new remedies he knew must be therefore form the Nature, amongst trees and plants, for all our needs are provided for in nature by our Creator. Whenever Dr. Bach used to feel dejected or low in life, he turned around to his flower friends which in turn gave him happy vibes & these vibrations help him to treat various emotions. He wander about the fields and lanes until he found , or was led to find, the flower which would immediately restore his serenity and peace of mind, and within few hours the physical complaint would also be healed. In this way he found 38 flowers to cover 38 Negative state of Mind from which mankind can suffer.

What are Bach Flower Remedies ??

Dr. Bach found 38 flowers for treating 38 Negative mental state and he called it a ‘system of healing
thyself’. The 38 remedies constitute a complete system of healing; each plant having been specifically chosen for its primary function- the ability to treat the mind. Dr. Bach not only invented 39 flower remedies but also denoted a strong Emotional feeling attached to each plant. Dr. Bach intended the use of the remedies to be straightforward and simple enough for all to understand.

He said: “This work of healing has been done and published and given freely so that people like yourselves either in illness or to keep well and strong. It requires no science, only a little knowledge and sympathy and understanding of human nature, which is usual amongst all of us”

Dr. Bach grouped the 38 remedies under 7 Headings:-

  • Fear – Rock Rose, Mimulus, Aspen, Red Chestnut, Cherry Plum
  • Uncertainty – Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Hornbeam, Wild Oat, Gorse
  • Insufficient interest in Present – Honeysuckle, Clematis, Wild Rose, White Chestnut, Chestnut Bud, Olive
  • Loneliness – Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather
  • Oversensitive to influence & ideas – Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly
  • Despondency Or Despair – Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Crab Apple, Oak
  • Over care for others welfare – Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water

How are these Remedies Prepared?

The Bach Flower Remedies are prepared quite simply- no complicated technique is involved or vast equipment required. There are Two Methods: the first through the action of Sun and second by Boiling. The Sun Method is unique to Dr. Bach. These Remedies are prepared from the goodness of the plant, a dew found on flowers during early Sunrise has fully active ingredients was used as a Mother Tincture or Source for further preparation of the medicine. He used to preserve the dew in Brandy, Alcohol & Water to prepare other forms of dilutions. So, this philosophy is completely based on Vibrations, Feelings, Sensations and Emotions. It is an important part of healing to be aware of why you are taking a remedy because this helps you to understand a little more about yourself and encourages you to be guided in a positive direction. The best part of these remedies are its herbal and has no side effects even if you chose a wrong remedy or more dosage is taken. It will benefit all genera – be it infant, children, during childhood & adulthood, pregnancy, menstruation & menopause, elderly, pets (animals such as cat, dog, horses) and even Plants.

“The Prevention & cure of disease can be found by discovering the wrong within ourselves and eradicating this fault by the earnest development of the virtue which will destroy it ; not by fighting the Wrong, but by bringing in such a flood of its opposing virtue that it will be swept from our Natures.”

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