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Populus Tremula

Aspen is a common name of certain tree species however not at all are classified by Botanists in the section populus. Species such as Populus Adeuopada (Chinese Aspen), Populus Davidiana (Korean Aspen), Populus Trimuloidus (Northern & Western North America).

These are all native to cold region with cool summers, in north of northern hemisphere, extending south at high altitude areas such as mountains or high plains.

They are medium sized deciduous trees reaching 15 – 30m tall, leaves “quake” or tremble in the wind, therefore called as cluaking aspen or trembling aspen.


It is the remedy for any fear whose cause is unknown.

  • Fear may be no more than a sense of fore biding, an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant on the frightening is going to happen.
  • Sometimes, related to dreams & night terrors. It would certainly be the right remedy if you were lying awake in the dark, scared of something but not knowing what it was.
  • Person feels excessive sweating on the face & body, has standing on the end, body shaking & of course, an intensive feeling of fear.
  • It will cover & eliminate fears that arise from our superstitions.


Natural Bach Flower Essence Aspen


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