Agrimonia Eupatoria

Agrimonia Eupatoria (greek word) is a genus of 12-15 species of perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the family ROSACEAE.

  • Distribution : Europe, Northern hemisphere also in Africa
  • Height & Spread : 15 cms – 1.5m / 6in – 5ft
  • Habit & Form : Perennial
  • Leaf : Pinnate
  • Pollinated : Insect

Agrimony is an erect plant with a long spike of yellow flowers, from June to August it is found in hedges, fields and grassy places. The flower have a refreshing, spicy, apricot like smell.

It has toothed leaves which are dark green above & white or grey hairy beneath for centuries. All parts of the plant have been used to treat all manners of complaints from gout to healing wounds, easing coughs, curing colitis, cystitis, providing pain relief and aiding food allergies.


Agrimony is used as a popular BACH FLOWER REMEDY, for people who keeps their trouble hidden under a mask of pleasure & happiness. The sad clown masking inner hurt by being the life & soul of the party is an Agrimony arch type. Agrimony helps us to come with terms of the darken side of our life & it’s personalities, so that we can become more rounded human beings. As a wood remedy, AGRIMONY helps anyone who is not to face any trouble of using jokes & keeps up a false smile to avoid a painful redity.


Natural Bach Flower Essence Agrimony


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