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Really an awesome product range. I have been using Bach Flower Remedies for all my emotional issues be it stress, anxiety, fear or anger. They are totally safe and reliable natural flower essences and I am glad that Dr. BFR is providing access to them in our country. I love Rescue Remedy! Keep up the good work Dr. BFR .
Prime Member
Bach Flower Remedies are the new lingo in the alternative medicine space. Dr. Edward Bach from the UK invented 38 formulations from wild flowers at the Bach Centre. Dr. BFR looks very promising & cost effective in today's competitive market. I get BFR delivered at my clinic with huge discounts.
Dr. Neha Gulati
Dr. Neha Gulati
Registered BFRP
Love their products. I am frequent traveller to India and lot of stressful situations are to be found in Asia. However with Dr. BFR providing delivery to my hotel, makes it lot easier, safe and reliable website to order my emotional remedies. Thanks!
Holistic Traveller
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